Returning to root.


via The Obsessive Writing Challenge




Cultivate your inner emptiness,

it is a ridgepole of the world.

Keep to its tranquil stillness,

for that is the deepest pearl.


Ten thousand swirling beings,

simultaneous in their occurrence.

It is through my empty centre

that I observe their next resurgence.


These swirling beings grow numerous,

before returning to their root.

At their root they find such stillness,

which I call ‘a life renewal’.


Living in this way is constancy,

understand it to see with clear vision.

Ignoring it leads you to recklessness,

climbing up the path of affliction.


Knowing the constant you contain the world,

in the container all things are shared freely.

Freely sharing lets us prosper as sovereigns,

in accord with the celestial ceiling.


As the stars shine down on the road ahead,

the ineffable makes you endure.

Until you’re submerged in the dark humic turf,

emptiness makes you secure.


Inspired by Laozi 16 老子十六


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